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Loop Finance Overview

NFT Marketplace and Crypto Exchange
We offer a complete decentralized finance marketplace with cryptocurrency education features. This includes:
  • NFT Marketplace
  • Decentralized Exchange
  • Community Publishing Platform
  • Educational Courses
  • Venture Capital

Core Products

NFT Marketplace

Find attractive new NFTs on Loop NFT Marketplace, the first NFT Marketplace on Juno focusing on utility NFTs. Its premier product, Reward NFTs, enables users to stake NFTs for project tokens. Fifty percent of all NFT Marketplace and launchpad sales are used to buy LOOP tokens off Loop DEX.

Decentralized Exchange (DEX)

Discover and swap tokens on Loop DEX, the first automatic market maker (AMM) on the Terra Network. Users can swap tokens, provide liquidity, farm, stake, and claim monthly airdrops. Twenty-five percent of all swap transaction fees are used to buy LOOP tokens off Loop DEX.

Additional Features

Community Publishing Platform

Stay informed on new DeFi project launches with Loop Community. With a focus on cryptocurrency topics and protocol explainers, Loop Community acts as a virtual marketing funnel for users to learn about new and existing blockchain projects, then directly swap those project tokens on Loop DEX.


Share cryptocurrency education with your friends and family on Loop Learn, an educational platform providing simplified videos to onboard users into decentralized finance. It solves various issues with cryptocurrency education, including complex terminology, lack of organized learning paths, and boring learning incentives. All educational videos are simple, animated, organized, and fun. They include practical “how-tos” for new users to join Loop Finance.
Loop Learn


Too many amazing cryptocurrency project ideas don’t get the support they need to blossom. Loop Ventures incubates blockchain projects that are unique, address gaps in demand, and solve real-world problems. By providing new projects with access to expert guidance and resources, Loop Ventures sees that they launch successfully.
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