Community Overview

Loop Community is a social publishing platform focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain topics.
Loop Community is an inbound content platform where content creators can earn rewards for creating quality cryptocurrency content.
It is also a marketing platform where new projects are advertised.

News Feed

On the Community homepage, view Official News articles from Community Authors, discover new crypto content, or read content from authors you follow.
To search for content based on topic, author, or category, click the blue magnifying glass. Select in the dropdown how you would like to search, then type in "Search by..."


Bounties are offered each week for content creators to research and create educational content about a variety of topics. The highest-rated articles receive a bounty reward.
Keep a watch on Loop Finance's tweets for bounty announcements.

Content Publishing

Content creators publish articles and videos to earn rewards in LOOP. Over time, they can rank up to show their longevity within the Community! Those who publish consistently enough may be elligible to become an Official Author.