Loop Community Token (LOOPR) (no longer used)

Ticker: LOOPR
Terra Classic Contract Address: terra1jx4lmmke2srcvpjeereetc9hgegp4g5j0p9r2q
LOOPR was the utility token for Loop Community, our tokenized content platform.

Use Cases

There is no current use case for LOOPR.

Token Supply

LOOPR total supply was capped at 2,000,000,000 tokens on Terra Classic.


LOOPR token was originally the TRYBE token on the EOS Network. Previous Trybe content creators were able to exchange TRYBE tokens for LOOPR tokens in August 2021.
The initial amount of LOOPR tokens exchanged for TRYBE tokens was 1,127,026,477, which is 56.4% of the total supply.


All distribution of the LOOPR token was for content creation on Loop Community or through airdrops.