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Farming Rewards

Yield farms give you the opportunity for additional $LOOP rewards - and other tokens too.
Estimated yield from yield farming is shown on the farm page.

Rewards Distribution

Distributed hourly. The amount of rewards depends on:
  • Amount of daily rewards allotted to the farm (subject to change)
  • LP ownership percentage (i.e. a farmer owning 20% of the farm gets 20% of the farming rewards)

Rewards Calculation

Annual Percentage Rate (APR) is derived from transaction fees and farming rewards, assuming weekly compounding.
  • APR% earned from transaction fees:
APR=(weeklyfees52)/TVLAPR = (weekly fees * 52) / TVL
  • APR% earned from farm rewards:
APR=(Rewards/days)/(TVL)365APR = (Rewards/days) / (TVL) * 365
Annual Percentage Yield (APY) assumes manual weekly compounding of APR rewards.
APY=[1+(txAPR+farmAPR)/52](52)1APY = [1 + (tx APR + farmAPR) / 52] ^(52) - 1