Staking Pools

Single staking pools are the simplest way to earn LOOP. Just stake LOOP in one of the many vesting period staking pools, and earn a share of the transaction fees on Loop DEX.
Estimated yield from staking is shown on the stake page.

Single Staking Reward Distribution

Staking rewards are rewarded every 24 hours from a daily pool of rewards, however they can only be claimed once the vesting period is over. The amount token rewards each staking position receives depends on the:
  • amount of daily rewards allotted for the staking pool (varies, and is subject to change)
  • percent of the staking pool you hold (i.e., a staker whose position consists of 20% of the pool receives 20% of the staking pool rewards)

Single Staking Yield Calculation

Staking yield is calculated as Annual Percentage Rate (APR) and is the sum of the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) from transaction fees and staking pool rewards.
  • APR from transaction fees, based on 24 hours volume.
APR from txn (%) = (24-hr Volume) * (0.30%) *(365 days) * 25%
  • APR earned from LOOP tokens for staking incentives, based on total amount of tokens rewarded per day (varies) and total value locked in the staking pool.
APR from staking incentives (%) = (Reward/day in UST) / (TVL in pool in UST) * (365 days)