All fabulous publishing platforms need rules. Here are ours!

For Content Creators

  • Posts must be more than 300 words or contain a video or other helpful content (eg. infographics).
  • Posts must be related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, or NFTs.
  • Carefully edited and include a title, nice cover image, and category to all posts.
  • Posts must be your own work and not copied from somewhere else.
  • Do not spam the same content.
  • Do not post advertisements/shills.

For Commenters

  • Provide thoughtful comments on posts.
  • Report all suspected plagiarized posts.
  • Do not provide fake comments to upvote accounts.
  • Do not create multiple accounts to provide fake comments to upvote accounts.

Spam is NOT tolerated

Your account will be banned if our moderators find you are in violation of our anti-spamming measures. Below is a list of unacceptable actions:
  • Plagiarism/publishing content you did not write.
  • Participation in ratings circles.
  • Mass copy/pasting comments.
  • Shill comments unrelated to articles.